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Beauty tips for senior women: Top ten tips for face & makeup for older women

Nashville is home to many beautiful older women, thanks to the music industry and entertainment industry located here in Music City as well as the natural beauty of our senior Southern Belles. Senior women as early as their 50s, and into their 60s, 70s and 80s, have specific health, skin and beauty concerns, so this article will address some beauty tips and makeup tricks for older women.

1. Nourish from Within

It is important to eat several portions of raw fruits and vegetables every day. Raw fruits and vegetables contain anitoxidents, vitamins and minerals to help the skin repair itself and build healthy new cells. Eating yogurt is also good for the skin. The probiotics that make yogurt good for digestion also play a role in keeping skin smoother. The probiotics, calcium, vitamin B-2, B-12, potassium, magnesium, vitamin D, and other nutrients found in many yogurt brands provide additional health benefits to the body and skin.

2. Hydrate from Within

It is also important to drink several glasses of water a day to hydrate the skin from within. Since soft drinks are harmful to the bones, it makes sense to drink water instead to not only save your bones but also receive the extra hydration for your skin cells. Staying hydrated keeps skin healthy and hydrated.

3. Alpha Hydroxy Acid for Senior Women

Use a skin cleanser or exfoliant with alpha hydroxy acid to remove dead skin and reveal fresh, new skin. Alpha hydroxy acid aids in exfoliation and helps skins appearance by xposing live, healthy skin cells. (See What is the difference between alpha and beta hydroxy acids?)

4. Retinol for Senior Women

Use a product with retinol at night to remove fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvinate your skin. As reported in What is retinol? What are the benefits of retinol in skin care treatments?, retinol increase the rate of skin turnover, boosts collagen production and gives skin a more youthful appearance

5. Moisturizing, Protect and Rebuild for Senior Women

Use a moisturizing skin treatment with peptides and SPF 30 during the day like Anti-Age Triple Defense Treatment SPF 30 to protect your skin from further damage while the peptides rebuild collagen and elastin. As an additional tool, consider the AMP MD Maximum Delivery System with micro-needle roller which increases cell turnover, collagen and moisture in the skin.

6. Concealer for Senior Women

The skin and fat pads under the eyes become thinner as we age allowing the blood vessels underneath to show which results in dark circles under the eyes. This is where cosmetics can come in handy while you look for a more permanent cure. Use a foundation 1 or 2 shades lighter than your regular foundation or buy a concealer to on these areas to brighten and lighten. Apply your regular foundation over the concealer. Use gentle motions on the sensitive skin under the eyes and avoid stretching the skin.

7. Eye Cream for Senior Women

As mentioned in The eyes have it - Rodan + Fields eye treatments: Anti-Age Eye Cloths & Multi-Function Eye Cream, your eyes are the first place to show the signs of aging. In addition to the thinning of the skin under the eyes, the amount of sleep someone is getting, bone and muscle structure, depth and structure of the eye socket and micro-leaking of capillaries under the skin can cause shadows and dark circles around the eyes. While you can hide these circles with concealer, you can fight the signs of aging and environmental damage with collagen-stimulating and anti-inflammatory peptides in an effective eye cream like Anti-Age Multi-Function Eye Cream to dimish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet and dark circles.

8. Eye Shadow for Senior Women

Avoid glitter, frosted or metallic eye shadows. The frosted particles stick in the creases of the eyelids, causing eyes to look more wrinkled and old. Soft, natural eye shadow colors are best for senior women.

9. Blush for Senior Women

As we age, the hollows under the cheekbones sink and become deeper, so it is no longer necessary or appropriate for senior women to apply blush in the hollows. Instead, go for a light blush and apply to the apply of the cheek, blending it in for a natural glow.

10. Bangs for Senior Women

As reported in Beauty tips for senior women: Five hair care tips for older women, a good hair style can make the face look prettier, even younger. Bangs or a deep side part can help hide or soften the look of wrinkles on the forehead as well as soften frown lines on the brow.


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